Slow Food rewards OlioCRU’s centuries-old Garda olive trees

Our centuries-old Casaliva olive trees, a native cultivar of Garda, have become a Slow Food Presidium.

In fact, this year the association has created a new project to enhance the small productions of quality extra virgin olive oils, made according to tradition and with respect for the environment.

In order to protect olive growing, as a fundamental part of the culture and identity of our country, the Slow Food Presidium aims to protect all those local realities that base their production model on centuries-old olive groves of local cultivars, using exclusively sustainable production techniques.

A project that therefore not only rewards the quality of the product, but also all those small producers who are committed to safeguarding biodiversity and native species of the area and who operate guaranteeing a certain quality even in agricultural practices, without using chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Our olive grove is in fact made up of over 2,000 Casaliva olive trees, a variety of olive trees typical of Lake Garda, organized in terraces and cultivated using exclusively organic products. The harvest takes place manually and is carried out in October, when the olives are still in the initial phase of maturation, in order to obtain a production, albeit smaller in quantity, better in quality.

For this we are very grateful to Slow Food: for the recognition received, but also for having conceived this project.

Ours is a small reality closely linked to the territory and in a certain sense we have become first-hand custodians and promoters of those local traditions and that culture linked to the olive tree that were handed down in the family from generation to generation.

We are confident that this initiative will help to enhance the work of all those who, like us, seek excellence, while at the same time protecting the territory in which they operate and its traditions.

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