Polyphenols are found in all plant species; in the olive they are particularly present both in the fruits and in the leaves with unique features.

Polyphenols are substances widely recognized as antioxidants and therefore capable to bring numerous benefits to the body and health. In fact, their action operates against free radicals’ action and after years and years of studies it has emerged that they are substances with multiple properties.

From a research project by OlioCRU and the Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele all’Adige (TN), PREBIÒ OLIVE POWDER was born, a powder obtained by dehydrating pitted olive paste. The production process takes place in such a way as to preserve all the nutritional properties and above all the polyphenols which remain largely in the “compound” during the extraction of the extra virgin olive oil.

The result of the research has shown that the polyphenols contained in OLIVE POWDER, produced exclusively by Prebiò in Riva del Garda, are BIOAVAILABLE because they are absorbed in the intestine passing into the blood (bloodstream), reaching the tissues. It has therefore been shown that this type of polyphenol is mostly absorbed by the body and not eliminated in the urine, as usually happens.
In vivo tests have in fact identified the polyphenols in the blood many hours after the intake still in large quantities, more than double compared to those who had not consumed the product.

The beneficial effects highlighted in the scientific study are above all antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and strengthening the immune system, therefore protective against:
Metabolic diseases (diseases in the intestine such as hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia); Cardiovascular diseases (they protect LDL or bad cholesterol from oxidation, therefore protection from the onset of cardiovascular diseases); Cancer (anti-inflammatory/antioxidant); Alzheimer’s (antioxidant/protective effect on the brain).

An important prebiotic effect has also been recognized in the olive powder, essential for keeping the intestine healthy.
Not only the high quality extra virgin olive oil, but also this important derivative of its production are confirmed as essential foods for a healthy diet.