Come conservare l’olio di oliva?

How to store olive oil?

What’s the best way to store olive oil?

Understanding how to store olive oil is essential in order to preserve its quality over time.

Even if compared to other products it has a longer shelf life, if it is not stored correctly olive oil can deteriorate, losing many of its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

A real pity, especially if it happens to precious extra virgin olive oils, and perhaps, for this reason, expensive.

The different containers available on the market, such as dark glass bottles, cans and bag in boxes, have been designed to minimize this deterioration.

In any case, in order not to damage the goodness and quality of the product, we invite you to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Keep the oil away from heat sources

The heat sources present in the kitchen can deteriorate the product, as can low temperatures. The optimum temperature for storing oil is between 12° and 18°C.

  1. Store the oil away from light

The ideal place to store oil must in fact be dark, cool and dry

  1. Minimize product contact with oxygen

Minimize the openings of bottles and cans and close them hermetically, to prevent the oil from oxidizing and aging over time until, in the worst case, becoming rancid.


Why choose the bag in box?

The bag in box is the best container for storing olive oil on the market.

In addition to not letting light through, the cap allows you to dose the oil in a simple and practical way, reducing the contact between the product and oxygen to practically zero.

Unlike traditional glass bottles, which, although dark, cannot completely block the passage of light, and 3-5 liter cans, which are reopened more than once, the bag in box guarantees better protection of the product from oxidation.

It is practical to use and 100% recyclable.

For this reason we at OlioCRU are convinced that the bag in box is the container of the future.

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