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Christmas Hamper Salò


Elevate your festivities with our exclusive Christmas Gift Box! This set captures the essence of Italian flavors, including a vibrant Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a rich Corradi Tomato Passata, a Chapter IV Balsamic aged with 4 Transfers, and a Chapter Alpha Apple Balsamic. A luxurious selection for true culinary enthusiasts, perfect for gifting or enhancing your holiday table.

Christmas Gift Box featuring:

  • Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)
  • Corradi Tomato Passata (280g)
  • Capitolo IV Balsamic aged with 4 Transfers (250ml)
  • Capitolo Alpha Apple Balsamic (250ml)

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Bring home the magic of authentic Italian flavors with our Christmas Gift Box. This exceptional culinary set is a tribute to the Italian gastronomic tradition, enclosed in an elegant packaging ready to delight you and your loved ones during the holidays.

Inside this Gift Box, you will discover a 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP, a true gem of Italian olive farming. This oil, with its fruity aroma and rich, vibrant taste, is perfect for enhancing salads, pasta dishes, and even grilled meats, offering a unique culinary experience.

Next to this, you will find a 280g Corradi Tomato Passata, made with selected Italian tomatoes. This passata is thick and flavorful, perfect for preparing sauces and dressings that capture the authenticity of Italian taste.

The Gift Box also includes two balsamic delicacies: a 250ml Chapter IV Balsamic, barrel-aged with 4 Transfers, with a sweet and complex flavor, perfect for seasoning roasted vegetables and aged cheeses, and a Capitolo Alpha Apple Balsamic, a symphony of sweetness and vinegar created with the juiciest apples, ideal for salads and desserts.

Whether you’re looking for an extraordinary gift for food enthusiasts or want to enrich your Christmas lunch with authenticity and flavor, this Gift Box is the perfect choice.

Bring the flavors of Italy home with our selection of gastronomic excellences.