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Christmas Hamper Desenzano


Explore the authenticity of Italy with our exclusive Christmas Basket. This culinary set features delicious giant olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP, high-quality Molche, Pure Olive Powder for healthy eating, and Balsamic Capitolo Alpha Mela.

A perfect gift for gourmet food enthusiasts.

Christmas Basket with:

  • Giant olives in brine (290g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda Dop (250ml)
  • Molche (180g)
  • Pure Olive Powder (100g)
  • Balsamic Capitolo Alpha Mela (250ml)

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Bring the essence of Italy to your Christmas with our exceptional Christmas Basket. This culinary set offers a selection of Italian delicacies, including succulent giant olives, sourced from traditional cultivations. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP is an authentic delight of Italian olive cultivation, with a fruity flavor and superior quality that complements every dish perfectly.

The Molche are a gastronomic delicacy, providing you with a unique taste experience. The Pure Olive Powder is the ideal choice for health-conscious food enthusiasts, a concentrated powder of authentic Italian olive flavor, perfect for enriching your recipes with natural and genuine tastes.

To complete this culinary experience, we have included our Balsamic Capitolo Alpha Mela, a rich and enveloping condiment that will transform every dish into a culinary masterpiece.

This Christmas Basket is more than just a simple assortment of gourmet products; it is a journey through the authentic flavors of Italy. Perfect for sharing the joy of Christmas with taste and style, it is an ideal gift for lovers of high-quality cuisine and Italian culinary traditions.

Merry Christmas and buon appetito!