Christmas Hamper Desenzano


Give the gift of authenticity and well-being with our Christmas Gift Box, which includes the precious Pure Olive Powder, rich in antioxidants, prebiotics, and fiber, along with the delicious Crunchy Stick Original and Crunchy Stick Natural Sweet.

A perfect gift for lovers of healthy and genuine cuisine.

Christmas Gift Box with:

  • Pure Olive Powder (100g)
  • Crunchy Stick Original (300g)
  • Crunchy Stick Natural Sweet (300g)
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Explore authenticity and goodness with our Pure Olive Powder, a concentrate of olive powder rich in antioxidants, prebiotics, and fiber. Not only does it add a unique touch of flavor to your dishes, but it also contributes to your well-being.

Our Crunchy Stick Original and Natural Sweet are a celebration of health and taste. The Crunchy Sticks, with their irresistible crunchiness, provide an explosion of flavor thanks to the balanced combination of olive powder, pea flour, and chestnuts.

Our Crunchy Sticks are more than just a snack: they are a culinary experience that connects you with nature and brings you closer to the authentic roots of healthy cuisine. Packaged with love and care, they are the perfect gift for those who appreciate good food and healthy living.

Experience the perfect blend of delicious taste and well-being with our Crunchy Stick Original and Natural Sweet.

Bon appétit!