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A multisensory experience

Discover, taste, get advice.

Discover the amazing transformation of olives . Come and taste the delicious results of our CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

The OlioCru Boutique is much more than a shop, it is a unique world where tradition meets technology and the most advanced research.

In the company store you can taste all the products offered for free, visit one of the most technological and advanced oil mills in Europe and learn about the process of reusing all parts of the olive.

New Sensory Experience

The sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil has precise rules.
With our sensory journey you will be able to learn to recognize a good extra virgin olive oil from another one that is defective, or find the one you like best.
Extra virgin olive oils are mainly classified by fruity categories. They can be light, medium and intense depending on the degree of ripeness of the olives and the type of cultivar.

A guided extra virgin olive oil OlioCru tasting elevates the senses and knowledge . It is a multisensory experience of pleasure.

Polyphenols naturally present in olives also play a fundamental role in the composition of the taste and antioxidant properties of extra virgin olive oil and are responsible for some gustatory characteristics.

Type of tour | OlioCru

In the factory shop Domus Olivae is possible trying all Extra Virgin olive oils and all the other products offered free of chrage.
No reservation required.

Oil mill tours and tasting for GROUPS:

An appointment is required for visits to the oil mill and tastings for groups of over 10 people.