Our Oil mill in Riva del Garda

Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is complemented by a range of tertiary services provided for the agricultural producers that don’t have the structures and instruments needed for their oil production.

Our new OlioCRU oil mill at Domus Olivae is one of the most modern and technological in Europe, and it is able to guarantee the processing by protecting the organoleptic features of the product and preserving the aroma and the taste.

Our oil mill services are: milling, oil chemical analysis, filtration, bottling, packaging and labelling.

We take care of any kind of company, from the small farmer, to the biggest farmhouse.

It is important to us to meet every need of the producers, to be with them during the oil processing, from the arrival of the olives at the mill, to the bottling.
We guarantee the use of their fruits throughout the entire process, at which the producer can assist, watching the fascinating metamorphosis that turns the olive into a precious liquid gold.


For this service we have for kinds of processes: pressed, pressed bio, destoned, destoned bio.

Oil chemical analysis

In our high qualified laboratories we perform analysis for the single acidity or for acidity, peroxides, total polyphenols and oleic acid.


The new Oliocru mill associates the classic filtration process, with separator, to two additional avant-garde technologies to preserve all the features of the oil: the carton filter OGM free, in which the filters purify the oil in contact with the air, and lenticular filter with inert gas from pharmaceutical derivation.


We provide the labelling service upon delivery of your labels.

Bottling and Packaging

During the bottling stage we use inert gas to protect the product against oxygen.
The containers are the can of 5 liters and doric bottle from 100 to 500 ml.
For packaging we have bag-in-box of 3 and 5 liters.

For bottling and packaging services the filtration is mandatory.

For further informations or to ask for a quote contact us. We will be glad to find the best solution for your company.